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Hargreaves Lookout

The drive along Shipley's Plateau leads to Hargreaves Lookout with the farming land of Megalong Valley framed by mountain cliffs on the east. To the west the view stretches beyond the mountains to the farms and grazing land.

I am not sure if this lookout is named after Edward Hargreaves but it does seem appropriate. He found gold in the west and started the 1850s gold rush in Australia which lead to a stampede of people over the mountains to the land of their dreams beyond.

Photo: View from Hargreaves Lookout

Words to walk with:
From The Roaring Days by Henry Lawson
"The night too quickly passes
And we are growing old,
So let us fill our glasses
And toast the Days of Gold;
When finds of wondrous treasure
Set all the South ablaze,
And you and I were faithful mates
All through the roaring days!
Their shining Eldorado,
Beneath the southern skies,
Was day and night for ever
Before their eager eyes.
The brooding bush, awakened,
Was stirred in wild unrest,
And all the year a human stream
Went pouring to the West."