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Ye olde days

The first land was taken up in the Megalong Valley in 1838. Today in the valley, a sense of history is imparted by post and rail fences, rusty roofed homesteads and dilapidated sheds. Horse riders wend leisurely paths by a tea room reminiscent of a past era. A draft horse, resting from the plough, lazily munches in a grassy paddock at the Megalong Australian Heritage Centre – a popular tourist attraction where olden ways are demonstrated.

Photo: Old farm, Megalong Valley

Words to walk with:
From Bullocky by Judith Wright. Bullocky is one of the best known poems by this loved modern Australian poet.
"Grass is across the wagon-tracks,
and plough strikes bone across the grass,
and vineyards cover all the slopes
where the dead teams were used to pass."