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Rest at noon

I enjoyed the short stoll along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk so much I persuaded my husband to join me on a longer trek down the path. Before setting off we took in the view at Echo Point while enjoying a picnic lunch in a Flintstone shelter (see Bedrock on 9 April).

The path is smooth and wide and busy with friendly tourists who greet as we pass. Some German girls were having as much trouble a I do with photographing birds so were settling on a shot of banksia. There are lots of lookouts along the track and seats for quiet rest and contemplation though there is no need to stop frequently as the path is not steep.

Photo: A resting spot, Prince Henry Cliff Walk, Katoomba-Leura

Words to walk with:
Poem 714 by Emily Dickinson
"Rest at Night
The Sun from shining,
Nature -- and some Men --
Rest at Noon -- some Men --
While Nature
And the Sun -- go on –"