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Wot’s in a name?

I have recently walked two tracks that start from Leura golf course at Fairmont Resort. The first follows the Grand Cliff Top Walk which is odd naming because this walk is not grand and doesn’t have great cliff views – it does however go along the cliff top and is a pleasant well maintained track. Usually the path runs from Leura right through to the Conservation Hut at Wentworth Falls getting over the gap between the ridges via Lilians Bridge but the bridge is currently closed for reconstruction thus cutting the walk short.

Photo: Lilian’s Bridge, Leura

Lilians Bridge was built in the 1890s and the heritage materials are now worse for wear and need replacing. Though you can’t see it from the photo, there is a huge drop below so it needs to be very safe.

Even though I could not complete the full walk I wanted to reach the bridge in memory of my Mum as her name was Lillian and she loved hiking in the bush. The sign says the bridge was named after Elizabeth Lila Murray, the daughter of one of the local members of the Reserves Trust that built many of the tracks in this area.

Words to walk with:
From The Sentimental Bloke (V The Play) by C.J. Dennis
Wot's in a name? -- she sez . . . An' then she sighs,
An' clasps 'er little 'ands, an' rolls 'er eyes.
"A rose," she sez, "be any other name
Would smell the same.
Oh, w'erefore art you Romeo, young sir?
Chuck yer ole pot, an' change yer moniker!"

Doreen an' me, we bin to see a show --
The swell two-dollar touch. Bong tong, yeh know.
A chair apiece wiv velvit on the seat;
A slap-up treat.
The drarmer's writ be Shakespeare, years ago,
About a barmy goat called Romeo.”