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Tarpeian Rock

Walking the other direction from Gordon Falls along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk I reached Tarpeian Rock, which is an interestingly grooved rock overlooking a sweeping valley view.

Photo: Tarpeian Rock, Leura

I looked up the web to find out what the original Tarpeian Rock was. It turns out to be another way the Ancient Romans executed criminals [see below] like crucifixion in yesterday’s post

Words to walk with:
From Wikipedia "The Tarpeian Rock (rupes Tarpeia) was a steep cliff of the southern summit of the Capitoline Hill, overlooking the Roman Forum in Ancient Rome. It was used during the Roman Republic as an execution site. Murderers and traitors, if convicted by the quaestores parricidii, were flung from the cliff to their deaths. Those who had a mental or significant physical disability also suffered the same fate as they were thought to have been cursed by the Gods."