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Recycling with style

Van de Velde made his money from Feltex carpets and other wool goods. To build Feltex House in George Street Sydney he had to demolished the London Chartered Bank but put the old entrance to good use for a fountain in his Everglades garden.

Photo: Bacchus Fountain
Everglades, Leura

Sorensen, the landscape designer, masterfully created a series of formal and informal gardens stepping down the steep hillside using points of interest like the fountain to surprise and delight.

Words to walk with:
From The Garden by Andrew Marvell
“Here at the fountain's sliding foot,
Or at some fruit-tree's mossy root,
Casting the body's vest aside,
My soul into the boughs does glide :
There like a bird it sits and sings,
Then whets and combs its silver wings ;
And, till prepared for longer flight,
Waves in its plumes the various light.”


  1. I am so enjoying going through your journal, it brings back so many memories of my time in a Leura girls' boarding school during WW2,and later holidays in the Blue Mountains.
    I especially loved remembering The Everglades, where my mother took us on school visits.
    Noeleen Stills, approaching 75


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