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He is Risen!

Today is Easter Sunday. On the first Easter, women went to Jesus grave early in the morning to attend to his body but find it gone – He was alive, he had risen from the dead.

Early morning
Tarpeian Rock, Leura

Words to walk with:
This anonymous poem from the 15th Century, set to choral music by Geoffrey Burgon in 1984 reflects on the mystery of Easter.

A god and yet a man?
A maid and yet a mother?
Wit wonders what wit can
Conceive this or the other.

A god and can he die?
A dead man, can he live?
What wit can well reply?
What reason reason give?

God, truth itself, doth teach it.
Man’s wit sinks too far under
By reason’s power to reach it.
Believe and leave to wonder.