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This week I visited the Everglades historic garden in Leura, now owned and managed by the National Trust. Over the next few days I will share garden poems and some of the photographs I took of this lovely place, currently dressed in autumn splendour.

Photo: The drive, Everglades, Leura

It is several years since I visited the Everglades and it is wonderful to see the progress of ongoing restoration bringing the garden back to its former grandeur and beauty. You can read about the garden’s history and restoration at the Everglades website.

Words to walk with:
From A Forsaken Garden by Algernon Charles Swinburne
“In a coign of the cliff between lowland and highland,
At the sea-down's edge between windward and lee,
Walled round with rocks as an inland island,
The ghost of a garden fronts the sea.
A girdle of brushwood and thorn encloses
The steep square slope of the blossomless bed
Where the weeds that grew green from the graves of its roses
Now lie dead.”

Photo: Studio Terrace