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The falls

I guess you are interested in seeing the falls.  It was rather useless trying for a shot on this day because the mist was so heavy so you will have to do with the painted mural at the bus stop and follow these links to see more -- Wentworth Falls, the view from the escarpment, top of the falls, and the wonderful walking tracks in the area.
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Charles Darwin Walk

The beginning of Charles Darwin Walk is a very short distance from the shopping centre.  Following the track all of the way to the falls is rather more work but unlike most mountain walks is quite an easy grade.

I did not walk the track on this occasion but if you can see what I found on previous occasions at this link Darwin's Walk.

The bush

Like most parts of the mountains you don't have to venture far from the town to get to the bush.  This is Jameson Creek, which is the creek Charles Darwin followed in 1836 walking from the Inn where he was staying to Wentworth Falls.

Grand View Hotel

The town has a nice heritage feel with old style buildings and mature exotic trees.

Railway station

The railway station is conveniently located over the road from the shops if you are coming by train, which may tourists do.  It's recently been updated with lifts.

The cafes

And there are plenty of places to eat too.

The shops

Wentworth Falls has a vibrant shopping centre with a good range of speciality shops so a lovely place to spend an hour or two exploring.