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Flower spike

Grass tree flower


  1. This spike is most unusual ... Reminds me a bit of a yukka.

  2. I love the texture of the spike and how black and white accentuates it.

  3. Yes ... but ... can I critique? Which is different from criticise ...

    put it more off balance rather than JUST off balance ... and the DoF of the background is excellent, but it has been blurred into nothingness when it would have been good to get some blurry verticals going ...

    I think it is called positive feedback ...

  4. Hi Julie, yes you can critique ... mind you most of the shots in this B&W series were taken 5 years ago ... I wonder if I have learnt anything in the meanwhile?

    I have tried on a number of occasions to get photos of these flowers and am never satisfied with them., getting the blurry verticals in might help.


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