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Church Lane

Church Lane, Mt Wilson

Up the road from the church is Church Lane, flanked by beautiful gardens. Most of the gardens integrate the original rainforest vegetation with well established exotic plants.

By the way if you are interested in more autumn colour check out my garden over the past couple of weeks at Burnbrae Journal which is posting daily until winter takes hold. And I am doing an autumn drive out west at Sweet Wayfaring currently posting alternate days to this blog.


  1. This is immensely graceful, Joan. I can just picture a Victorian lady in her long white gown, floppy had and embroidered umbrella, strolling down this avenue.

    Totally gorgeous ...

  2. Beautifu Lane - would be lovely to stroll there:)

  3. Look where the tree ferns are growing! Right on the lane - fantastic!

  4. how tall are those ferns - a great avenue


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