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Autumn shadows

The afternoon sun shining through the canopy of a maple casting leafy shadows.

I have been away in Sydney all week where there is no real autumn colour so you can imagine my delight to get back home today. I had the camera out in an instant. This one shot fits today's theme day which I forgot about. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Words to walk with:
From Aurora Prone by Les Murray
"Everything widens with distance, in this perspective.
The dog's paws, trotting, rotate his end of infinity
and dam water feels a shiver few willow drapes share.
Bright leaks through their wigwam re-purple the skinny beans
then rapidly the light tops treetops and is shortened
into a day. Everywhere stands pat beside its shadow
for the great bald radiance never seen in dreams."


  1. Lovely photo of this impressive leaves in southern autoum

  2. Spectacular colour, Joan. I did not realise that you would experience such a change of colour over a few short days.

  3. Haven't visited for ages sorry (nor blogged I'm afraid) and I must say it has been well worth stopping by tonight. The colours are brilliant. I miss them in Sydney too

  4. The photo is just great, I love it, it's so hard to get this kind of definiton with one color. Also, I Googled this poem and it is just as amazing.

  5. Stunning color! Such a beautiful photo. :)

  6. that is a seriously chewy shade or red!

  7. Great colour! Especially when surrounded by posts of subtle blues and greens of the mountains. They set each other off well.


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