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The terrible, slow loveliness

The railway station is an important hub in every mountain town. Every day commuters gather there to be whisked away for a day's toil in the big smoke.

It's not just Lawson that is in transition, I am too. Will I keep my room with a view, live back here full time or rejoin the weekday throng on the train? I'm waiting not very patiently for certain things to transpire.

Words to walk with:
From Transition by Dorothy Parker
"What if I know, before the Summer goes
Where dwelt this bitter frenzy shall be rest?
What is it now, that June shall surely bring
New promise, with the swallow and the rose?
My heart is water, that I first must breast
The terrible, slow loveliness of Spring."


  1. Not easy choices. Whar interesting options :-)


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