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New year, new direction

Happy New Year. At the moment the trees a shedding their bark and showing fresh new skin and it is the right time for me to do the same.

Photo: Trees on Lawson waterfall walk

Last January I resolved to start a blog and to post every day for a year. At the time I expected to be full time in the mountains but, some months ago, I returned to daily commuting to the "city and alleys" so it has been a challenge keeping up the pace.

This year we plan to travel regularly on short trips beyond the mountains so it seems right to start a new blog with a new theme. Please visit and subscribe to Sweet Wayfaring where I will be recording my new discoveries. I hope to also occasionally post here.

What a wonderful year it has been. Today's poem sums it up perfectly.

Words to walk with:

From The Forest by Judith Wright
"When first I knew this forest
its flowers were strange.
Their different forms and faces
changed with the seasons' change --

white violets smudges with purple,
the wild-ginger spray,
ground-orchids small and single
haunted my day: ...

Now that its vines and flowers
are named and known,
like long-fulfilled desires
those first strange joys are gone.

My search is further.
There's still to name and know
beyond the flowers I gather
that one that does not wither
the truth from which they grow."